Alliance - Testimonials

There are angels on earth!

I was watching my wife waste away laying in her bathrobe all day. She deserves a break after working a full time job then coming to care for a family and keep up a house. Well after a while, sympathy aside this was unhealthy. My wife needed a purpose and some structure. 
We explored a couple of senior day programs. While visiting Alliance Senior Center, Rada, said why don’t you try us for a day and see how it goes. The first time was a Friday. My wife spent the day. I was anticipating a call. That night I asked how she liked it and would she go again. The next Wednesday and Friday clinched the deal. My wife now gets up, gets dressed and bugs me about being late for work. The other guests are friendly and include my wife in the activities. The staff at Alliance Senior Center are caring, compassionate and understanding. 
Yes, there are angels on earth.

Dennis Larson